Upper Midwest Gardening: A garden gift that continues to grow

By | January 5, 2017

I have realized that being a good gardener is not something that just happens. For many people it has been learned. My goal as a passionate gardener is to teach whenever I can, transmit the passion and give the gift of gardening. Parties are the perfect time to plant the seed. My gifts always continue to grow and, hopefully, inspire a new game of hands to dig!

Each gift needs a box; My box is a garden container ready to be planted. The rustic nature of this New England ceramic pot makes it an easy fit anywhere, complements most styles, and handles are a fun addition. I fill it with the tools I need to get started in gardening.
A good set of hand clippers is a must-have. Good clippers are not cheap, and I know most of my friends do not spend the money, so I always give you my favorite, Crown Bypass Clipper. The blades of these clippers will last a lifetime if you take care of yourself. They are avoided, resulting in a cleaner cut that does not crush or damage the stems of plants.

A palette for treasure
Every gardener needs a good palette. The options are unlimited, but I will include Corona Stainless Steel Transplanter. I like this tool not only for the quality but also for its versatility. Firstly, its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable fit in any hand, especially with the rest of the thumb added. Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Knitted gloves are comfortable for most garden tasks.
Gloves are essential in the garden, but they are very personal options.

Knitted gloves are comfortable for most garden tasks.

Final Amendment
Starting with the correct plastering floor makes all the difference in the world. Miracle-Gro Moisture Control (Item # 235180) is perfect for first-time gardeners. It takes the guesswork out of feeding because it contains a slow release fertilizer that lasts up to six months, and polymers that help retain moisture in the soil to prevent the plants from drying out too fast.

This is just the beginning. The options for this gift basket are extended forever. It may include a plant or a variety of seeds. Or think of a subject, perhaps in a garden of salsa; Or go with a kids theme. It’s fun, but the best part is that this gift continues to grow in more ways than one.