Southeast Gardening: Planning for Garden Improvements

By | January 5, 2017

Gardening is a learning process. I am always gaining knowledge, trying to remember the things I have learned and promising that I will do better next time. Based on my experiences in 2013, there are some things I plan to do in 2014.


Distribute pre-emergent weed granules on my lawn three times a year in 2014. It is much easier to prevent weeds from sprouting in the lawn than to combat them. And disperse their seeds everywhere.

The pre-emergent granules dissolve to form an invisible blanket that prevents weeds from growing, or causes them to wither and die soon after the outbreak. Unfortunately pre-emergents last only a few months or less, and in the southeast weeds sprout throughout the year.

I used to spread preemergence only once a year, in spring, to keep lawn and other summer weeds. But in 2014 I plan to apply it in late winter to reduce spring weeds, and then again in early autumn to prevent winter weeds.

animal repellent


The same day I plant vegetables in my garden, I pulverize them with Liquid Fence. I just started using these things. It smells terrible, but it seems to prevent a resident wild rabbit from eating my winter harvest of onions, chard, and broccoli. Unfortunately I did not use the spray when I first set the broccoli, so that the same rabbit nibbles a dozen plants down to the nubs.

sugar maple road

Plant a sugar maple (Acer saccharum) somewhere in my garden. I planted one in the front of my old house, and I miss it, especially in autumn, when the leaves change from green to buttery yellow to orange-red neon.

New England does not have a patent on sugar maples. With little pruning, sugar maples naturally tend to form pleasing oval shapes. I even think the individual sheets have nice shapes.