Middle Atlantic Gardening

By | January 5, 2017

This is the season to start thinking about gifts. As you prepare to surprise your favorite gardener, visit to discover all sorts of green gears. If you lack inspiration, try some of these ideas:

Do not look for your budget

Start with inexpensive but useful gifts like garden gloves, up. Gardeners need multiple pairs and multiple types. Nitrile coated gloves are my go-tos for everyday tasks, from weed to deadheading. The peel is easily washed and dried in an instant.

For the toughest tasks, such as the hauling of rocks or the struggle of thorny stalks, I grab the leather garden gloves. Durable, machine washable alternatives to leather are Womanswork microsuede gloves.

Adirondack chairs add color.

Color your world

Add an economical and eye-catching color to your garden. Comfy Resin Adirondack Chairs They offer fast, easy care seats in splashy tones.

Other equally colorful and durable wrapping gifts include the eye-catching Blue Talavera birdbath, which offers the pitch of the season that most gardeners yearn for. A classic looking ball also brings constant color to the plantations – and shines after dark.

When winter comes, nothing raises the spirits like fresh flowers.

Amaryllis bulbs feature striking blooms for little effort.

Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs open fragrant, goofproof flowers. Or consider giving orchids as gifts. The exotic flowers remain for weeks and infuse the landscape of the Middle Atlantic with a tropical touch.

Beckon Birds

Well stocked bird feeders – such as squirrel or sueto resistant feeders – encourage birds to visit your garden for winter feeding. Keep them nearby by providing fresh water.

Try new tools
It’s not romantic, but a round-up pressure sprayer pulls out the weeding job.  Look for a 1-gallon version. You can also buy spare parts when needed. A hand sprayer is another great gadget to have around. I have several – one is always full of herbicides.