Early Color Garden Ideas

By | January 5, 2017

Spring bulb plants

Bring the Bulbs

An infallible cure for post-winter darkness is the arrival of spring bulbs. Make it a big party with big bulb ribbons like tulips and grape hyacinths here. Spring Bulbs

Mix Pals

Spring bulbs look good together, and still look better mixed with non-bulb mates such as this burgundy barberry. Add in a piece of garden art and a backdrop for an instant vignette. Calendula, asparagus fern and Moroccan toadflax in container

Plant a container

Marigold, asparagus fern and Moroccan toadflax ( Linaria maroccana ) make a nice combination. If you can not find toadflax, replace snapdragons. snapdragons in container

Plant Another Container

Speaking of snapdragons, these pinks are good companions to rattles and matthiola incana, and add a nice contrast in height. P> Miniature tulips with Moroccan toadflax, forget me, Nemophila, Felicia, Eschscholzia and viola

Think Small

Miniature tulips look good at home with other compact plants. Here we have Moroccan toadflax, forget me, Nemophila, Felicia, Eschscholzia , and viola. phlox moss

Roam Around

Companion plants do not have to share the same space. This moss phlox would not do well in the container, but it looks great – in the spring flower or the summer foliage – at the base of the steps. Aubrieta, golden basket (Aurinia), and the baby’s breath (Gypsophila).

Rock On

Cracks in a rock wall are not the friendliest confines, but they adapt to these plants very well. Among the highlights of the rock garden are Aubrieta , a basket of gold ( Aurinia ) and baby breath ( Gypsophila Scilla bulbs

Accepting the Challenge

Do you have a rocky soil that rests on nutrients? Scilla is a rough and ready bulb that blooms in early spring. It also naturalizes well under the trees.

Beat the Leaf

Early color means you will not have to worry about the heavy shade of trees. Virginia bluebells and daffodils are excellent undergrowth plants that will reach their beak before the trees come out.

Lilac, fothergilla and redbud with tulips

Make a Splash

Consider the whole picture, not just the ground level. Lilac, fothergilla, and redbud add even more color to tulips and abundant grape hyacinths.

Primrose under crabapple tree

Spring Plant

You do not have to be a landscape painter to appreciate a primrose rug ( Primula ) under a crabapple tree. There are primroses for many conditions, including moist soils.

Daisy Flowers and Nemesia Flowers

Get Up Close

The beautiful button-shaped flowers of the English Daisy ( Bellis perennis ) contrast in size and shape with small Nemesia flowers. Add seasonal foliage to the mixture with asparagus fern.