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Basics of Tree Pruning

 Why prune trees? Health: Remove dead, diseased or dangerous branches. Comfort: prevent trees from interfering with pedestrians, vehicles or structures. Longevity: Correct the structure of a tree so that branches and limbs are less prone to damage. When to prune trees? Evergreens: at any time. Deciduous: Best for pruning deciduous trees when inactive. Your energy… Read More »

20 DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Pumpkin carving becomes easy Skip the basic jack-o ‘-lanterns! Use our free downloadable patterns and easy pumpkin carving ideas to get you started. Halloween Decoration Cut out this Halloween door decoration From a single board and paint it with the help of a downloadable pattern. Pumpkin Designer These non-carving, Halloween Blackboard Use this blackboard framed… Read More »

Changing the bedroom on a budget Video

Bedroom Change Ideas From Bla to Beautiful Choose a soothing color scheme and add a bright accent color, like this unexpected coral color, to inject energy. Add sophistication through layers of textures and classic patterns, and then create a focal wall behind the bed with a paint color that complements other neutral walls. Then re-insert… Read More »

DIY Gift Ideas

Candy and Vase This converted flashlight will brighten Mom’s day. The outside holds colorful candy while an inner vase keeps fresh flowers.

Winter table decorations

You can do To make a centerpiece, paste the empty paint cans sections and apply paint. (We use Valspar’s signature paint on temperate Jamaica pepper, # 2006-9C, and Desert Fortress, # 2008-10B.) Allow to dry completely between layers. Cute as a button Make napkin rings with mini paint rollers (# 305802) and jute string (#… Read More »

Bathroom Color Ideas

Try one of these winning color palettes to give your bathroom the style you want. Blue wash A clean blue spa works well with whitish tiles and warm wooden furniture in this smart-budget bathroom refreshment . Wall: Valspar Crystal Sea Clean contrast Simplified blacks, white and wood tones in this modern bathroom Are a good… Read More »